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Foxconn begins the production of iPhone 11 in India

Foxconn has begun assembling iPhone 11 units in India at its Chennai factory. The news has been confirmed by various local outlets and marks Apple 's made in India iPhone production expansion following the iPhone XR from last year. The first shipments of manufactured in India iPhone 11 are now eligible for purchase at local retailers.

Throughout the past, Cupertino has manufactured the first gen SE as well as the iPhone 6s and 7 series throughout India via Wistron. The step would free up Apple from charging a 20 percent import tax on phones manufactured outside India, enabling it to gain more attractive pricing on its products.

In fact, it will help Apple to expand its lead in the premium smartphone segment where iPhone 11 has earned a warm welcome from local consumers. According to new news, Foxconn aims to spend more than $1 billion in its Indian manufacturing facilities in order to further decentralize its iPhone development facilities outside of China.

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