Galaxy S22 Might Arrive Without Under-Display Camera

Galaxy S22 Might Arrive Without Under-Display Camera


With Samsung's summer product launch now behind us, we can turn our attention to what's next. And it appears that news of the Galaxy S22 phone series is now making the rounds.


According to one Twitter source, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will retain the punch-hole front-facing camera rather than the under-display camera (UDC/UPC) used by the Galaxy Fold 3.



The rumor comes from @UniverseIce, a frequent Twitter tipster, who claims it will use the same selfie camera design as the S21. That means it'll most likely remain in the center, near the top of the screen.



For some, the fact that Samsung isn't pushing for more innovative technology in its flagship phone series may be a disappointment. However, the current implementation of under-display cameras falls far short of perfection.


There are a few issues with the under-display cameras that have been released so far. For starters, the camera's image quality isn't great. That's because it's hidden behind a partially transparent display panel.


Second, it appears that no company has yet discovered a way to completely conceal it within the display, at least on a released device. Even Samsung's Galaxy Fold 3 has a visible area where the camera is located beneath the screen.


Given that the S-series is Samsung's mainstream phone line, it makes far more sense to keep the breakthrough, new technologies in its far more innovative and futuristic phone lines.


Its folding phones are, by definition, cutting-edge, and it's another way to differentiate the Z line of phones from the more traditional Galaxy S series.

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