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OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord receives its first upgrade which improves camera performance

If you're looking to purchase a brand-new OnePlus Nord, you'll have a software upgrade ready for you to activate it when you bring your phone out of the package. The Nord has only been official for a few hours, but the first upgrade is already ongoing to check the left and right components.

It's OxygenOS 10.5.1, and its change log speaks of enhanced video call results, as well as a lot of camera-related things: enhanced depth sensor impact and indoor picture quality, increased 4 K shooting capacity at 60fps, as well as overall camera interface changes. Device reliability is said to have been improved, as expected.

The over-the-air update is a 103 MB download, but nothing too large, but it's good to see OnePlus perform the fast app upgrade dance with its mid-range, not getting the exclusive of the flagships. If you're interested in OnePlus Nord, don't skip out on our hands-on analysis.

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