Samsung Galaxy A82 News: Release Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy A82 News: Release Date and Price

For budget-conscious buyers who found the Galaxy S21 too expensive, the Samsung Galaxy A82 with similar flagship specs but a more mid-range price is on the way – though we're still waiting for Samsung's official confirmation.


The Galaxy A82, which is two years removed from the Galaxy A80 novelty phone and its rotating, pop-up selfie camera, is rumored to have an upgraded version of that camera. We don't yet know the exact price or where Samsung will sell the A82, but we do know some specs.

The Galaxy S21 series debuted in January and quickly topped our list of the best phones. Since then, Samsung has concentrated on creating more affordable models, such as the Galaxy A72, Galaxy A52 5G, and the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE. When you include the Galaxy A82, you have a crowded list of options.

Release Date and Price

We don't know when the Galaxy A82 will be announced or released, but we do know it will be available in 2021. We also don't have any pricing information, but it's safe to assume that the list price will be higher than that of the Galaxy A72 (around $580 / £419 / AU$749) but lower than that of the Galaxy S21 ($799 / £769 / AU$1,249).


When Samsung announced the upcoming rollout of the Galaxy A72, A52, and A52 5G, we were a little surprised that the A82 was not included. Since January, we've known that Samsung is working on the A82, and all of the AX2 phones were trademarked at the same time.

Perhaps Samsung didn't want to release too many phones at once, or perhaps the A82's gimmicky camera required more time to develop. We're hoping that Samsung will acknowledge its existence and provide us with a firm release date and price soon.

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