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T-Mobile officially lays off "hundreds" of Sprint employees with severance compensation packages

On Tuesday, Tech Crunch reported that T-Mobile had a conference call with almost 400 participants. The call, led by T-Mobile Vice-President James Kirby, informed these employees that their work was no longer necessary. Sprint's Inside Sales Unit (BISO), which focuses on making sales to small businesses across the US, is reportedly being phased out.

In the call, staff were told that some 200 new positions would be up for grabs at T-Mobile, and employees were greatly advised to re-apply. Otherwise, these newly notified employees will continue to work for two months and will receive severance packages. Two weeks pay for each year of work, although some employees may receive more allowances.

This is one of many calls which T-Mobile will hold as it restructures its workforce following the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, according to one of the people who participated in the call.

The deal will generate 11,000 new workers by 2024, as former T-Mobile CEO John Legere had claimed. It has been a point he has also given in support of the deal. Some employees of T-Mobile's Metro were also let go, according to a Tech Crunch reader.

There is a proverb that means, "When you want to make a cake, you have to crack some eggs." The product of a merger is expected to involve overlapping roles that need to be restructured over time. Sadly for the workers, regardless of COVID-19 and a stagnant world economy, this arrives with poor timing.

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